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Applestem Q10 Rejuvenating Cream – 50mL

Bio Peak Applestem Q10 Stem Cell Rejuvenating Cream employs the latest, breakthrough technology in skincare that repairs damaged skin tissue at the cellular level. Scientifically formulated, it contains cells cultivated from a rare Swiss apple renowned for its longevity and self-renewal ability. As a result, old, damaged skin cells are replaced with new, fresh, healthy skin cells.

Bio Peak Aromatic Facial Mask – 100mL

Description An exclusive blend of natural clays and plant extracts penetrates deeply to draw out pore-blocking impurities and remove excess

Bio Peak Herbal Rose Hand Cream – 75ml

This rich, non-greasy hand cream has been specially formulated with gorgeous organic rose essential oil to moisturise and protect even the driest of hands.

Bio Peak Ultra Smooth Cleansing Gel – 100mL

A smooth, non-drying gel that gently cleanses the face whilst moisturising the skin. Cucumber extracts soothe and tighten, ginseng and green tea extracts protect and revitalise whilst aloe vera extracts soften the skin. A blend of 12 natural plant extracts dissolve away pore-clogging dirt, leaving the face fresh and clean.

Delicate Lip Balm™ – 3.7g

Our Delicate Lip Balm™ is rich in emollients that soothe dry and cracked lips. Additionally, it contains sunscreen for UV protection from harmful rays and has a lovely apricot fragrance.

Himalaya Herbal Whitening Cream 50mL

Description Himalaya™ Herbal Whitening Cream is an advanced product that helps you achieve a lighter, more luminous complexion. This potent

Lanopear Porimizer Toner For Oily / Combination Skin – 200mL

Porimizer Toner is a refreshing, alcohol-free toning lotion that helps to remove all traces of cleanser and make up whilst respecting the skins natural PH balance. Allantoin purifies the skin, witch hazel tightens and refines pores and aloe vera calms and soothes, leaving the skin smooth and fresh and ready to moisturise.

Lanopearl Axo-White Whitening Toner – 200mL

Axo-White Whitening Toner is alcohol-free and contains two plant-based skin lightening ingredients; ‘Axolight’ and ‘Wakamine’ that target the visible marks on skin caused by the sun, stress and polution. Axolight, extracted from wheat bran delivers significant skin lightening results within 28 days whilst Wakamine, extracted from cultivated brown macro algae prevents the formation of age spots and wrinkles, brightens the skin and delivers skin whitening results.

Lanopearl Bio Peak Refining & Exfoliating Facial Scrub – 100ml

Revive dull, lackluster skin with this gentle refining scrub. Tiny oatmeal beads polish away dead skin flakes and impurities returning natural shine. Honey nourishes and rehydrates while aloe vera soothes and softens. Horsetail and green tea extract provides antioxidant protection for essential skin vitality.

Lanopearl Eye Contour Intensive Treatment – 30ml

Lanopearl Eye Contour Intensive Treatment gently and effectively moisturise the delicate area around the eye. The unique, concentrated texture helps to brighten and refresh even the most fatigued eyes and prevent dryness from environmental damage. The naturally derived active and herbal ingredients include: aloe vera, retinyl palmitate, wheatgerm oil, horsetail, green tea, melissa officinalis extract, chamomile extract, macadamia, avocado, coltsfoot, rosemary, horse chestnut, nettle extract, sage leaf extract and jojoba.

Lanopearl Penta – Max Nanosome Gold Serum 50ml

Gold serum contains 5 active ingredients Placenta extracts, Nanosomes, DNA/RNA and herbs. Absorbs deeply to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Lanopearl South Sea Pearl – 50mL

South Sea Pearl™ cream contains pearl essence enriched with vitamins and minerals, essential for skin vitality, and collagen that firms and plumps. Wheat and placenta extract work with bio-active ingredients to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and royal jelly helps to soften and revitalise skin. This synergistic combination of ingredients leaves the skin radiant, soft, smooth and plump.

SynAke B Whitening Eye Serum for Dark Circles – 15ml

'SynAke', the latest cutting edge technology from Switzerland is a powerful anti-wrinkle solution that synthetically mimics the natural proteins found in snake venom. Clinical tests show that in 28 days SynAke effectively relaxes eye wrinkles. Vitamin B reduces dark circles and our unique blend of herbal extracts and vitamins deeply moisturise and improve skin elasticity. This is the ultimate innovation from Lanopearl.