Begun in Sydney in 2010 by David Hoang and his family, Maxcare Pharma has set its sights on providing the best natural health and beauty products available from Australia.

We are expanding into new stores and have now begun to successfully provide products across Asia, and around the world, through our growing online shop.

All of our products comply with very strict health, manufacturing and safety standards set by the Australian Government.

When you purchase from Maxcare Pharma you can be assured of not only getting an excellent product but one that has passed rigorous tests set by the government.

When it comes to quality we do not compromise!

We stock a huge range of vitamins and herbal products together with a diverse range of beauty treatments.

Included amongst our products is a large range of Asian influenced items that have been processed here in Australia for distribution around the world.

Whether it be for acne treatment or arthritis help, honey products or hair care, sex function or skin care you’ll find it at Maxcare Pharma.

With a product range growing all the time don’t forget to check out our new products.

If we don’t stock the type of product you are after please let us know.

Live well with Maxcare Pharma!


We are always looking for distributors both in Australia and around the world so if you are interested in joining the team at Maxcare Pharma, please contact us by email.