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G&W AUST CholeSol 60 Caps

CholeSol is a scientifically formulated, all- natural herbal medication. Its active ingredients have been traditionally used for hundreds of years and now the scientific evidence suggests that it may help maintain normal healthy cholestrol levels, support a healthy ratio of HDL/LDL cholesterol, as well as enhance general health in aging.

Wealthy Health Lecithin 1200 200 Caps

Lecithin is a phospholipid and is an essential component of every cell in the human body.Lecithin from soybean sources is a complex mixture of phosphatides. It is needed in the body for the structure of the cell membranes and for the protective sheath around the brain and the nervous system. Although lecithin is a fatty substance, it is also partly soluble in water and therefore acts as emulsifying agent.