SpringLeaf Propolis Lip Balm 3.5g


It helps prevent and relieve dryness, craking, peeling and chapping caused by sun or windburn. SpringLeaf Lip Balm is a plant extract, intimately kisses with nature, deeply repairs moisturizing, gentle and pure lips. Propolis extract can be quickly absorbed, deeply penetrated, repaired and strengthens the skin barrier; wool extract can deeply moisturize soft lips; aloe vera can moisturize, gently soothe.

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Moisturizing Repair: Deeply repairs and strengthens the lip barrier function of the lips, strengthens the lip to resist the irritating ability, and relieves lip discomfort from the inside out.

Moisturizing and Moisturizing: The botanical ingredients hydrate and moisturize, improve the cracking and peeling of the lips, and improve the hydration of the lips.

Soft and lustrous: Natural active moisturizing ingredients to keep your lips soft and long-lasting moisturizing and non-sticky.

Ingredients: Lanolin, propolis and beeswax, almond oil, vitamin E (tocopherol acetate), aloe Intended for: Suitable for all people.

Usage method:

After uncovering, rotate the paste about 1cm and apply it evenly on the lips.

Wipe the room to make your lips soft and radiant, showing a radiant glow.

Matters needing attention:

Test before use. Propolis may cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. Once you open the lipstick, please use it within 12 months.